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Direct Data Entry (DDE)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​KHIE is designated to facilitate the automation of public health reporting for the state of Kentucky.  Direct Data Entry (DDE) is the quasi-modernization of the manual entry of lab results for certain communicable diseases and their associated case reports.  Participating healthcare organizations can utilize KHIE's online web forms​ to manually enter these, replacing the traditional paper-based methods and minimizing administrative reporting burdens.  


Reportable Disease Condition Lab Results and Case Reports that can be submitted through DDE 

​Review the complete list of conditions here.   ​

Please check back periodically to see additional conditions that become available to report through DDE.

Tips for Determining 'Need to Report'

1. Did my facility result the lab?  If yes, the resulting facility must report the lab result to the state. 

2. Did my facility collect the specimen?  If yes, your facility is responsible for submitting the case report.

3. Is this a reportable condition?  Refer to the regulation:  902 KAR 2:020  and to the Amended Table of Reportable Diseases and Conditions in Kentucky​

Onboard for Direct Data Entry Services

KHIE is designated to facilitate reporting of communicable disesases for healthcare organizations required to submit this to the Kentucky Department for Public Health (KDPH).  If you are not currently LIVE with an ELR feed and/or eCR, you may consider utilizing KHIE's secure web-based platform as a more efficient means of reporting. 

To register with KHIE to manually report communicable disease lab test results and case reports, follow these steps:​

  1. Complete the Direct Data Entry Intake Form.
  2. Download and review the online training materials for Lab Reporting​ and Case Reporting or
  3. Schedule a LIVE virtual training.
********************All training guides and videos for communicable disease laboratory results reporting and case reporting are located on the right side of this page.********************

Please note:  After processing your registration form, if any additional information is needed​, a KHIE Representative will reach out to you. 

To access the ePartnerViewer, KHIE utilizes the Kentucky Online Gateway, the Commonwealth of Kentucky's access management platform, commonly referred to as KOG.  You will be required to create a KOG account or sign in to your exis​ting KOG account.  You will receive an email that includes the instructions for creating your KOG account.  Please follow the instructions exactly.  For additional reference, these instructions are also included in the Direct Data Entry (Lab) Guide.​

​*Adhere to guidance mandated in​ 902 KAR 2:020​ and the Amended Table of Reportable Diseases and Conditions in Kentucky


NEWS Electronic Case Reporting in the ePartnerViewer

Please read if you use the ePartnerViewer platform to report communicable diseases.  

Case Report Forms for the followingcommunicable diseases are in development and are not available at this time to use for reporting purposes.  If you are reporting any of these diseases, please submit a paper case report form.

The list will be updated as more forms become available in the ePartnerViewer.

Electronic Laboratory Reporting

 902 KAR 2:020​

Amended Table of Reportable Diseases and Conditions in Kentucky​

Training Guides ​​

Direct Data Entry Laboratory Results User Guide

Access the Case Report User Guides here

​Training Videos 

Entering Case Report Details in KHIE's Direct Data Entry​

Entering Case Report Details in KHIE's Direct Data Entry​

Training Video: How to Use KHIE's Direct Data Entry System

Training 'How to' Mini-Video Spotlight:  Quick Entry for Negative COVID-19 Test Results

Training 'How to' Mini-Video Spotlight: Positive Entry Test Results and Ordering Details

Latest Reporting Guidance 

​​Latest Reporting Requirements from KDPH 3-28-2022​

Revised Reporting Regulation with Cover Letter 1-13-22.pdf

KOG and MFA Information