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Image Exchange

​​We are thrilled to unveil KHIE's Image Exchange Service! It's an exciting milestone for us as it provides the opportunity for the Commonwealth's healthcare organizations to share images and diagnostic studies which will expand the patient's comprehensive health record.  As more healthcare organizations onboard to share images, the number of images and studies available in KHIE will greatly increase.

KHIE's Image Exchange Service affords healthcare providers the ability to view medical images in KHIE's ePartnerViewer.  This innovative service enables KHIE Participants to contribute medical images and also export images to a destination Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) to view high-resolution images. 

Authorized users with Clinical Roles in the ePartnerViewer will have the ability to view images and authorized users with PACS Administrator Roles in the ePartnerViewer will not only be able to view images but ​will also be able to export those images to a destination Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) of their choosing, where they can view them​ in high-resolution .

To learn more or if your Organization has a PAC System and you would like to participate in KHIE's Image Exchange service, please contact the Outreach Coordinator in your area.

  Connecting Kentucky. Improving Healthcare.


Ashland Health Corporation is live with Image Exchange.

The Med Center Health is live with Image Exchange.

Baptist Healthcare is live with Image Exchange.

Appalachian Regional Healthcare (ARH) makes KHIE history-September 10, 2021.

Image Exchange in the ePartnerViewer User Guide​