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The Ambassador Corner

​​​​​​​​​​The Ambassador Network

​What is the Ambassador Network?

It is a series of six mini-webinars that educates selected end-users on the ePartnerViewer, the KHIE clinical portal, and establishes a dedicated communication channel between Ambassador Network users and KHIE.

What is the purpose of the Ambassador Network?

The purpose is to engage with selected end-users in a healthcare organization who will advocate the adoption and use of the ePartnerViewer.

What are the objectives for the Ambassadors?

  • Learn the functionality of the ePartnerViewer and understand how the integration with a healthcare organization informs care planning and supports care coordination.
  • Support adoption of the ePartnerViewer in a healthcare organization.
  • Execute assigned Ambassador Network activities (e.g., collecting feedback, sending materials, etc.)

What are the desired outcomes for the Ambassador Network?

  • ​​​​​Foster a community of Network Ambassadors.​
  • ​Improve awareness and adoption of the ePartnerViewer​ clinical portal.
  • Develop reliable communication channels between the Ambassadors and KHIE. 
  • Create a sustainable network that KHIE can use​ to continually engage end-users.


The Ambassador Network 

Join the KHIE Ambassador Network and revolutionize health information exchange by influencing the way healthcare is planned, coordinated, and delivered.  


Ambassador Network Presentation Slides

KHIE Ambassador Network Kickoff

KHIE Ambassador Network Patient Chart

KHIE Ambassador Network ePartnerViewer Labs, Encounters, and DDE Overview

KHIE Ambassador Network Event Notifications

KHIE Ambassador Network Image Exchange

KHIE Ambassador Network SDoH

Outreach Coordinators

The KHIE Outreach Coordinators are strategically located across the state to encourage participation and promote connectivity to the health information exchange.

Find my Outreach Coordinator (by County)

Region 1​

Amy Johnson​​​

(502) 229-7329

​Region 2

Teresa Poff​
(502) 229-8591​

Region 3
Ann O'Hara​​​
(502) 229-3123

Region 4
Tiffany Pierson
(502) 229-3406


All Things ePartnerViewer

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ePartnerViewer User Guides

Event Notifications User Guides

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