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You can call us KHIE

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Kentucky Health Information Exchange, KHIE (pronounced kay-hi), offers the commonwealth an unprecedented opportunity to change the face of health care.

KHIE grew out of the push for a nationwide electronic health network to convert paper medical records to electronic data that can be shared more readily.   KHIE enables safe, secure electronic exchange of patient health information among healthcare providers and organizations throughout the state. This facilitation of information exchange empowers healthcare providers to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of care, influencing the way healthcare is planned, coordinated, and delivered.  KHIE is a tool that, if utilized, could support improved health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs in Kentucky.

KHIE is administered within the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and is supported by the Office of Administrative and Technology Services. KHIE is a robust health information exchange.  One hundred percent of Kentucky's acute care hospitals plus over 6600 ambulatory healthcare locations have connected with KHIE.  This accounts for 18,000 data feeds connected to a common framework for the exchange of patient information.

Let KHIE be a healthcare game changer for you!  Hospitals, healthcare providers, and other healthcare organizations are participating with KHIE to rapidly access their patients' health information, when and where it's needed, to achieve positive patient outcomes.

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Healthcare Providers

Through KHIE, healthcare providers have access at the point of care to real-time clinical patient health information from almost 18,000 data feeds, including lab test results, radiology reports, transcribed reports, medication history and clinical summaries. Healthcare providers participating in KHIE's public health reporting services such as Syndromic Surveillance and Immunization reporting may also meet requirements set forth in the Promoting Interoperability and the Quality Payment Programs.

Benefits to providers


KHIE offers hospital clinicians access to real-time and historical clinical data at the point of care where it is needed. KHIE is also the data intermediary for hospitals seeking to electronically submit immunization data, syndromic surveillance data, cancer case reporting, and communicable disease reporting.

Hospital benefits

Public Health

KHIE is the designated public health reporting authority in Kentucky and serves as the data intermediary for healthcare providers seeking to electronically submit immunization data, syndromic surveillance data, cancer case reporting, and communicable disease reporting such as COVID-19 reporting.

Benefits to public health