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What's Happening at KHIE

KHIE Highlights 

Electronic Case Reporting eCR Coming Soon 

KHIE will offer two options for submitting communicable disease case reports via KHIE to Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH).  Participants can manually enter the case report details in the ePartnerViewer platform or establish a technical connection with KHE to electronically submit the case report directly out of their EMR/EHR system.

Norton Healthcare LIVE on KHIE's Electronic Case Reporting 

Norton Healthcare is the first organization to Go Live on KHIE's newest service.  Electronic Case Reporting is the automated generation and transmission of case reports for reportable conditions such as COVID-19.  KHIE acts as the intermediary to automate public health reporting of suspected communicable disease cases to the Kentucky Department for Public Health (DPH).  These case reports are shared from a healthcare organization's EHR/EMR to KHIE and subsequently reported to the DPH for review and action.  This affords healthcare providers the opportunity to report suspected communicable disease cases more quickly and efficiently.  

KHIE Participant Organizations that cannot make the technical connection right now can take advantage of the Manual Case Reporting platform that is currently being implemented.  Provisioned users of the system can manually enter the communicable disease case reports directly into KHIE; those reports will be submitted to the DPH for review and action.

KHIE wants your Advance Directives!  

Norton Healthcare and Owensboro Health LIVE on KHIE's Platinum Service 

These organizations recently went live with KHIE's Platinum Service which enables the exchange of clinical documents.  This means that healthcare providers and clinicians from these organizations can query KHIE from within their EMR/EHR to quickly access the patient health information provided from multiple healthcare sources (other KHIE Participants such as hospitals, physician practices, and clinics).  

ARH commits to be the first pilot for KHIE's Image Exchange Project 

Appalachian Regional Health (ARH) has committed to be the first pilot for the Image Exchange Project.  An organization must connect its Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) to KHIE's technology platform to share images with KHIE and export images from KHIE to the organization's PACS system.  Once those images are included in their system, healthcare clinicians can view high-resolution images from other healthcare sources sharing images with KHIE.  

KHIE is thrilled to partner with Philips Healthcare to offer this innovative service to you, our KHIE Participants.  We are just as thrilled to collaborate with ARH, a not-for-profit health system operating 13 hospitals in Barbourville, Hazard, Harlan, Hyden, Martin, McDowell, Middlesboro, Prestonsburg, South Williamson, West Liberty and Whitesburg in Kentucky; as well as Beckley and Hinton in West Virginia; and multi-specialty physician practices, home health practices, home health agencies, home medical equipment stores and retail pharmacies.