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About KHIE

​Connecting Kentucky. Improving Healthcare.

The Kentucky Health Information Exchange (KHIE) is a secure network that meets national standards to ensure interoperability.  Participants with certified electronic health record technology (CEHRT) can access, locate, and share needed patient health information with other healthcare providers at the point of care.

KHIE Participants have access to the following types of data:  patient demographics, lab and pathology results, transcribed reports including radiology, immunization data, summaries of care, admit, discharge, and transfer data, behavioral health data, data from EMS and correctional facilities.

As KHIE continues to build its robust health information exchange (HIE), it serves as the data intermediary for healthcare providers seeking to electronically submit immunization data, syndromic surveillance data, cancer case reporting, and communicable disease reporting.  As the designated public health reporting authority in Kentucky, KHIE supports objectives for Promoting Interoperability and the Quality Payment Program/MIPS.  

KHIE has also collaborated with the Department for Public Health (KDPH) to enable efficient submission of COVID-19 test results either by manually entering the results in the ePartnerViewer platform or by establishing a technical connection with KHIE to electronically submit the lab results.  KHIE offers options for submitting case reports via KHIE to KDPH.  This means that Participants will be able to manually enter the case report details in the ePartnerViewer platform or establish a Direct Secure Messaging (DSM) connection with KHIE to submit the case report directly out of their EMR/EHR system.

KHIE's enhanced value-added service lines include an Event Notification Service, Bidirectional Immunization Query (QBP), and the ePartnerViewer, a customizable, view only portal that offers healthcare providers a view of the clinical data in KHIE.  Authorized users who are also authorized KASPER users can view a Patient's PDMP report in the ePartnerViewer.  That improves workflow so that a user doesn't have to log into the KASPER portal separately.  

KHIE strives to improve care coordination and overall health outcomes . Much of KHIE’s value is realized through sharing its data with the providers who can use the information at the point of care to improve the health of Kentucky citizens. 

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To learn more about making the KHIE connection, please contact the Outreach Coordinator in your area.