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Onboarding for Public Health Reporting of Communicable Diseases

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Onb​​​​o​​​ard to Report Communicable Diseases 

KHIE is onboarding Participants to submit Notifiable Conditions.  Lab results can be manually reported through KHIE's ePartnerViewer Direct Data Entry (DDE) platform OR through a seamless electronic submission​ via interface.

Submit Lab Results for Communicable Diseases 

To manually submit lab resu​​lts in the ePartnerViewer Direct Data Entry Service platform:  Register Here

​​​​To electronically submit lab results (ELR) via an electronic laboratory interface:​  ​​​

​Please Note:  KHIE is now onboarding to set up interface connections for the electronic submission of  all reportable conditions (ELR) except Lead.  


Onbo​ard to Report Cases for Communicable Diseases 

KHIE is onboarding to submit Case Reports for Notifiable Conditions.  Cases can be manually reported through KHIE's ePartnerViewer Direct Data Entry (DDE) platform OR cases can be reported using Direct Secure Messaging (DSM) for a seamless electronic submission of case reports.​

Submit Case Reports for Communicable Diseases

To manually submit case reports in the ePartnerViewer Direct Data Entry Service platform:  ​ 
 Register Here​               

To electronically submit case reports via a seamless DSM connection:

 Review the onboarding process here

​How can KHIE e​nable Care Coordination and Better Treatment? 

KHIE is committed to playing a key role in informing healthcare providers quickly with real-time notifications and access to a comprehensive patient record. Access the ePartnerViewer to take advantage of KHIE's   Patient Alert Query Service  to find a patient's status for reportable disease conditions. This will prove valuable as patients transition through the various healthcare systems.



National LOINC Codes List


Organizations Submitting COVID-19 Results

​Last Updated: 11​​/​01​​​/2023

​KHIE would like to thank those providers who are contributing COVID-19 lab results. We understand the extra efforts taken by our providers to send this vital information during this crucial time.

CLICK HERE to view a list of organizations/healthcare providers submitting lab results electronically through an ELR interface connection.

CLICK HERE​ to view a list of organizations/healthcare providers submitting lab results by manually entering lab data in the KHIE Direct Data Entry system in the ePartnerViewer.  

​'In The Know'