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Notice of Privacy Practices Sample Language

You may use any or all of the following sample language regarding the Kentucky Health Information Exchange (KHIE) in your Notice of Privacy Practices:​​​

Notice Of Privacy Practices 

The Kentucky Health Information Exchange (KHIE) makes patient healthcare information available electronically to healthcare providers who are covered by HIPAA and participate in KHIE (KHIE Participants). KHIE Participants agree to KHIE's terms and conditions, including its security and privacy requirements, and agree to access the information for purposes of treatment, payment, and healthcare operations, according to applicable federal and state laws.  A detailed description of KHIE can be found at  

Making patient healthcare information available to participating healthcare providers through KHIE promotes efficient and quality healthcare for patients. We are a KHIE Participant.  As such, we are able to obtain more complete information about our patients' medical histories when their health care information is available​ through KHIE. We make our patients' healthcare information available to other KHIE Participants who have a need to know for purposes of treatment, payment, and healthcare operations. Participation in KHIE is not a condition of receiving care. You may choose not to allow your information to be available through KHIE.  However, if you decide not to make your information available to KHIE, it may limit the information available to your healthcare providers. Your information may be stored in KHIE, but is only available to participating healthcare providers who are treating you and request your information. Please let us know if you have questions about KHIE or desire not to make your information available through KHIE.