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COVID-19 Vaccination Reporting Information

​​​Need to report COVID-19 Vaccinations to the KYIR?

KHIE is ready to assist you with your COVID-19 Vaccination submissions to the Kentucky Immunization Registry (KYIR).  

The Kentucky Health Information Exchange (KHIE) has been resolute in our efforts to keep pace with the evolving requirements set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the (CDC), regarding the vaccine reporting requirements for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). To meet those requirements, we rapidly implemented solutions to leverage KHIE Participants' existing connections and ensure that new connections for immunization (VXU) feeds are onboarded quickly and efficiently.

What can we do to help?  

At this time, the KYIR and KHIE teams can confirm that your COVID-19 vaccine messages have been received and can validate that the CDC required fields are appropriately structured.  Prior to submitting these messages to KHIE, organizations should ensure their messages are correctly structured to contain the appropriate information.

To get started, reach out to the KHIE Outreach Coordinator in your area.  

If you're already onboarded to the Kentucky Immunization Registry and have specific questions about your current status, please reach out to Eduardo Ballestero, KYIR Project​

​​For more information about the Kentucky Immunization Registry, please visit the website:

What can YOU do to expedite successful onboarding?

Your organization can meet the CDC reporting requirement if your organization is submitting immunization data that includes all of the required data elements. To ensure compliance, the CDC Required COVID Data Element table should be referenced and adopted. 

CDC Required COVID Data Element


Administered at location: facility name/IDRequired
Administered at location: typeInternally Tracked
Administration address (including county)Internally Tracked
Administration dateRequired
CVX (product)Required
NDC (use code)Required
Dose number Internally Tracked
IIS recipient ID* Required
IIS vaccination event IDRequired
Lot number: unit of useRequired
MVX (manufacturer)Required
Recipient address*Required
Recipient date of birth*Required
Recipient ethnicityRequired
Recipient name*Required
Recipient raceRequired
Recipient sexRequired
Sending organizationRequired
Vaccine administering site (on the body)Required
Vaccine expiration dateRequired
Vaccine route of administrationRequired

Other Important Data Elements


VFC EligibilityRequired
Vaccine Funding Source CodeRequired
VIS PresentedRequired
Action Code

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