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KHIE Consent Model

​​Opt-Out Consent Policy 

KHIE has adopted the Opt-Out consent policy which means that a patient's health information can be included in KHIE unless the patient chooses to opt out. KHIE follows the Kentucky 'no further consent needed' model which means that the portion of a patient's health record that is covered and sharable under HIPAA can be shared in KHIE without consent from the patient.

Participation is voluntary and patients have the right to choose not to share their health information in KHIE. Those patients who wish to opt-out should inform each of their individual healthcare providers of their desire to do so. KHIE Participants are responsible to ensure their EMR/EHR vendor prevents the flow of health information of a patient who doesn't want to participate. 

Patient health information that requires additional written consent to share, such as the information that falls under 42 CFR Part 2, also requires consent from a patient to share that health information in an HIE such as KHIE. This is typically health information that is related to the treatment of substance and alcohol use disorders. The KHIE Participants are responsible for obtaining consent from their patients and subsequently ensuring their EMR/EHR allows or prevents the flow of data to KHIE.