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The new Support Desk number is                 ​1-800-​633-6283.​  If you need support with technical connectivity or are in need of other assistance, please call us or email us

KHIE Declaration of Readiness for Program Year 2024

KHIE System Maintenance 

            *****************Next Scheduled Downtime​***************        

​​The downtime is expected to last from 7:00pm - 9:00pm ​​EST on Friday, July 12, 2024.  

The Latest News & Updates ​​

  • ​KHIE will exhibit at the Kentucky Health Information Management Association's (KHIMA) annual conference on April 22nd and 23rd in Bowling Green, KY.  To learn more about our services, please visit the KHIE exhibit booth!
  • KHIE is excited to exhibit at the Rural Health Clinic Summit in Bowling Green, KY on July 11th and 12th.  Stop by the KHIE exhibit booth!  Stay tuned!
  • Mark your calendars.  Later, in the fall on October 9th, KHIE will exhibit at the Kentucky Rural Health Association's Summit in Lexington, KY.  Stay tuned for additional information.
  • Become part of the Ambassador Network.  Reach out to the Outreach Coordinator in your area.
  • SDoH Discovery Lab was a huge success!​ KHIE hosted the SDoH Discovery Lab in Bowling Green, Ky on July 27, 2023 during the Kentucky Office of Rural Health's (KORH) 9th Annual Rural Health Clinic Summit.  
  • Event Notifications​ New & Improved Functionality for Bulk Upload in the ePartnerViewer!
  • KHIE announces new SDoH feature is LIVE in the ePartnerViewer.  The integration with kynect resources aids in addressing SDoH concerns.  
  • Learn more about how your organization can become a partner with kynect resources to refer patients to community resources 
  • New feature in the ePartnerViewer offers a direct link to kynect resources, enabling users to refer patients to much needed community resources; available July, 2022
  • Coming July, 2022:  Integration with kynect resources that gives users more information on Social Determinants of Health
  • More healthcare organizations LIVE on the eHealth Exchange June, 2022 
  • KHIE's Image Exchange garners national attention in the Healthcare IT News, March, 2022
  • CMS Certification: A Milestone Accomplishment November, 2021
  • Another LIVE connection with the eHealth ExchangeMercy Health October, 2021
  • $1,110,360 Awarded to KHIE Participants  through Provider Assistance Program 
  • Baptist Healthcare LIVE on KHIE September 21. 2021 through connection with the national eHealth Exchange.
  • eHealth Summit 2021 Presentations​
  • September 20, 2021 U of L Physicians LIVE on KHIE through connection with the national eHealth Exchange.
  • Appalachian Regional Healthcare (ARH) makes KHIE history---September 10, 2021 contributes first medical image!  
  • St. Elizabeth Healthcare now querying KHIE for patient health information via connection through the national eHealth Exchange​.
  • UK Healthcare first to contribute and query KHIE through national eHealth Exchange connection.
  • eHealth Summit 2021 is another Success Story!  
  • The 2021 eHealth Summit Year of Transformation
  • 2021 eHealth Summit Agenda
  • Norton Healthcare is the first organization to Go Live on KHIE's newest service.  We are proud to partner with Norton Healthcare, once again, to showcase Electronic Case Reporting.  It's the automated generation and transmission of case reports for reportable conditions like COVID-19.  
  • KHIE's new Electronic Case Reporting will offer two options for submitting communicable diseases case reports via KHIE to the KDPH.
  • The deadline for applying for the Provider Assistance Program available in the KHIE Incentive Opportunities has been extended through August 31, 2021!  (Note:  The extension is for the Provider Assistance Program only; the deadline has not been extended for the other Incentive Opportunities.)
  • KHIE wants your Advance Directives!  Our Registry is now available.
  • eHealth Summit 2021 is virtual!  Join healthcare professionals from across the Commonwealth on August 25th to learn about KHIE's Year of Transformation! Register Here.
  • KHIE is in the process of connecting to the national eHealth Exchange.  Stay tuned for additional details.
  • Special Incentive Opportunities available!  Financial incentive opportunities available to healthcare organizations struggling to meet the financial barriers associated with the electronic exchange of health information.
  • Owensboro Health and Norton Healthcare are LIVE on KHIE's Platinum Service.
  • Appalachian Regional Health (ARH) has committed to be the first pilot for KHIE's Image Exchange Project. 
  • CMS CoP Hospital Electronic Patient Notifications 
  • Mask UP Latest from the Director of the CDC
  • January, 2021, Updated Reporting Guidance from the KDPH
  • Do you use an Allscripts Product in your practice? Breaking News: Allscripts has the ability to make the connection to KHIE's Platinum Service.  If your practice utilizes one of the Allscripts products, learn how you can securely share health information such as clinical summaries with KHIE and Achieve Interoperability using KHIE's Platinum Service.
  • Revisit the Biggest Virtual Healthcare Event of 2020, KHIE's eHealth Summit.  View Replays of Presentations.   Celebrating 10 years of Health Information Exchange!
  • Notice of LOINC Code Updates For Commercial And Hospital Labs
  • The Kentucky Medicaid EHR Incentive Program (Promoting Interoperability) Year 2020 is LIVE.
  • Website address change for KY Medicaid EHR Incentive Program (Promoting Interoperability) attestation website
  • Event Notification KHIE In the Know April 2020_vol 2