KHIE is a secure, interoperable network in which participating providers and hospitals with certified EMR technology can locate and share with each other needed patient information to improve care coordination. In its simplest terms, a health information exchange is the activity of secure health data shared among and accessible by two or more authorized, consenting partners.  

The KHIE continues to build robust health information exchanges and fulfill meaningful use objectives of the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record Incentive Program final rule. Additionally, KHIE serves as the intermediary for public health reporting in Kentucky. To fulfill the public health reporting for meaningful use objectives, eligible providers and hospitals must connect with the KHIE. The KHIE works with providers across the state of Kentucky to report immunization, syndromic surveillance, electronic reportable laboratory and cancer case data. Although KHIE’s value-added service helps providers meet meaningful use, much of the value of the KHIE is in sharing data with providers who can use the information to improve the health of Kentucky citizens.

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