KHIE (Kentucky Health Information Exchange) logoThe Kentucky Health Information Exchange, KHIE (pronounced kay-hi), offers the commonwealth an unprecedented opportunity to change the face of health care. KHIE enables safe, secure electronic exchange of patient health information among participating providers and organizations throughout the state. More specifically, KHIE grew out of the push for a nationwide electronic health network to convert paper medical records to electronic data that can be shared more readily. The ability to access and retrieve patient medical information in a timely manner helps care providers make more informed clinical decisions at the point of care, leading to improved patient health outcomes and efficiency in  health care delivery. In addition, rapid access to patient health information and a central repository for electronic health data will significantly influence lower health care costs.

KHIE is a secure, interoperable network administered by the Division of Kentucky Electronic Health Information in the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. Supported by the Office of Administrative and Technology Services, KHIE is connecting hospitals and providers in the state to a common framework for the exchange of patient information.

Hospitals, providers and other health care system participants are signing up with KHIE as they embrace the idea of rapid access to their patients' health information when and where needed to achieve positive patient outcomes.

The core components of KHIE include: a master patient/person index; record locator service; security; provider/user authentication; logging and audits; and clinical messages and alerts. The system supports patient demographics, lab results, radiology and transcription reports, past medical diagnoses, dates of services and hospital stays. It also supports electronic submission for public health reporting.


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