Thank you for your interest in the Kentucky Health Information Exchange.

Your outreach coordinator will provide documents needed to get started and assist you throughout the intake process. For your convenience, some KHIE documents may be downloaded from this site.
To begin the process: Contact the outreach coordinator in your area and complete the following steps:
  • Participate in a preliminary call with a KHIE outreach coordinator
  • Complete either the KHIE general intake form or the pharmacy intake form.
  • Sign and return the KHIE legal agreements and applicable addendums
  • Participate in a KHIE official intake conference call
  • Transition to KHIE technical onboarding team
Notice: All healthcare providers interested in making the KHIE connection must work with an outreach coordinator to complete the intake process. All healthcare providers must sign and return all legal agreements before any technical work will begin.
About the KHIE Outreach Coordinators

KHIE has four outreach coordinators located regionally across the state to encourage provider adoption of electronic medical records and promote connectivity to the exchange.

A welcome packet is available and includes an executive summary and information about the KHIE connection.

If you are a healthcare provider with questions about KHIE or want to begin the KHIE connection process, please contact the outreach coordinator in your area.

KHIE Outreach Coordinator Map

KHIE Outreach Coordinators  

Region 1  (West)

Laura A. Shonk
Cell phone: (502) 229-2533

Region 2  (Central/West/Passport)

Teresa A. Poff
Cell phone: (502) 229-8591

Region 3 (Northern and Northeastern)

Ann M. O’Hara
Cell phone: (502) 229-3123

Region 4 (South Eastern)

Tiffany Pierson
Cell Phone: (502) 229-3406



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