KHIE Announces Newest Release, Platinum, The Next Generation

KHIE is pleased to announce the release of its Platinum service, the industry standard technology that supports cross-enterprise document sharing among all providers. 

Platinum service is based on Integrating the Health Enterprise (IHE) framework, the standard required by the Sequoia Project (formerly Healtheway) and recognized by the ONC 2015 Interoperability Standards Advisory for clinical document exchange in and outside a specific health information exchange domain. Because this framework has been adopted widely by EHR vendors, many providers now have the functionality in their own EHR systems to exchange clinical documents.

KHIE supports two standards in the IHE framework to make clinical documents available to the entire community of KHIE-connected providers:

  • Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing - clinical documents are stored in the KHIE document repository; and
  • Cross-Community Access - KHIE retrieves documents on demand from KHIE-connected healthcare communities, including federal agencies and other communities connected via the Sequoia Project.
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