Doctors using KHIE.The KHIE Community Record is Kentucky’s virtual health record (VHR), offering those connected to KHIE a comprehensive electronic health record using a secure browser.

The KHIE Community Record makes it possible for providers with EMR technology to share and exchange patient data regardless of the type of information system or EMR used at each source.

Data from across KHIE is virtually retrieved and displayed to authorized healthcare users. The VHR presentation is much like a traditional clinical chart, with tabs to segregate patient information into clinically relevant groups for easy chart review.

The VHR includes patient admission records, discharge summaries, visit records, problem lists, the results of tests and exams ordered by clinicians and any encounter notes, referrals and orders that participating providers and healthcare entities are willing to share with other health care providers in the exchange.


If you are a provider who is in the KHIE queue for VHR training.

Realize the benefits of the KHIE Community Record. Contact your KHIE outreach coordinator for more information.

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