Improving Care Coordination Across the Continuum of Care

How it Works

Direct Secure Messaging is a simple, secure, scalable and standards-based way for providers to send authenticated and encrypted patient health information directly to known and trusted recipients over a secure and encrypted network provided by KHIE. Using Direct technology, you will be able to receive secure health information from providers and hospitals in your referral network and community of care.
Care Coordination

Direct Secure Messaging is the mechanism which allows providers to electronically receive and send secure and encrypted patient health information from outside organizations. Providers can utilize KHIE’s Health Information Service Provider (HISP) and Direct Secure Messaging web portal to improve care coordination efforts across the care continuum.

  • KHIE HISP can be utilized by providers who have a 2014 Certified EHR, but do not have an HISP.
  • KHIE Direct Secure Messaging web portal can be used by white space or long-term care providers who do not have a 2014 Certified EHR.
Services to Assist with Building your Community of Care

KHIE also hosts a Direct Email Catalog and Direct Community Contact List to assist with building the community of care. Like a phone book, the Direct Email Catalog enables providers to share their Direct secure email addresses with the community at large.
The Direct Community Contact List is used by providers who want to test their Direct capabilities with other healthcare organizations. Members who join the community share the name of a person in their organization who can answer questions and facilitate Direct testing efforts.
KHIE Direct Secure Messaging Coordinator:
Brandi Genoe
(502) 564-0105 x2197
Kentucky Unbridled Spirit