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All Things COVID-19

​****We are onboarding for submission of COVID-19 test results.  You can manually report COVID-19 test results through KHIE's ePartnerViewer platform or set up an interface for a seamless electronic submission of COVID-19 lab test results.****

How do you want to report COVID-19 lab test results? 

Manually report COVID-19 lab test results in the ePartnerViewer platform.

Register With KHIE for Direct Data Entry Lab Service  

Electronically report via an interface connection to electronically submit COVID-19 test results (ELR feed).

Register With KHIE for ELR electronic submission of COVID-19 lab results. 

Stay 'In the Know'

COVID-19 Vaccine Reporting Information 

Electronic Case Reporting

How can KHIE enable Care Coordination and Better Treatment During this Crisis and Beyond?

KHIE is committed to playing a key role in informing healthcare providers quickly with real-time notifications and access to a comprehensive patient record. Access the ePartnerViewer to take advantage of KHIE's   Patient Alert Query Service  to find a patient's status for COVID-19. This will prove valuable as patients transition through the various healthcare systems.


​LOINC List For NEDSS Updated 03-11-2021

Updated National LOINC List

Organizations Submitting COVID-19 Results

Last Updated: 10/11/2021

KHIE would like to thank those providers who are contributing COVID-19 lab results. We understand the extra efforts taken by our providers to send this vital information during this crucial time.

CLICK HERE to view a list of organizations/healthcare providers submitting lab results electronically through an interface connection.

CLICK HERE to view a list of organizations/healthcare providers submitting lab results by manually entering data in the KHIE Direct Data Entry (Lab) system in the ePartnerViewer.