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Direct Lab Entry

Meeting COVID-19 Test Reporting Obligations

If you are a healthcare organization resulting any type of COVID-19 test, you are required to report both positive and negative results to the Kentucky Department for Public Health.  KHIE is designated to facilitate this reporting.  

Ideally, this type of reporting is achieved through true interoperability but because of the current time constraints associated with the rampant spread of the virus, KHIE quickly developed a platform for manually reporting results.   

If you are not currently electronically connected to KHIE, you must manually report these results through KHIE's Direct Lab Entry feature located in the ePartnerViewer.  Please follow the steps below to register for manual reporting.

Register with KHIE

To register with KHIE to manually report COVID-19 test results, follow these steps:

STEP 1:   

Download the Letter of Agreement, LOA, for Direct Lab Entry.   With the appropriate signature, your Organization can directly report the results of COVID-19 testing performed at your Organization.


Complete the  Direct Lab Entry Form    


Upload the signed Letter Of Agreement to the Direct Lab Entry Form.


Download and review the  Direct Data Entry User Guide and/or watch the 

Training Video:  How to Use the Direct Lab Entry System.


Within 1-3 business days of completing the Direct Lab Entry Form and uploading the signed Letter of Agreement, KHIE staff will inform you that your Organization has been registered.  

You will receive an email from the Kentucky Online Gateway, commonly referred to as KOG.   This is the Commonwealth of Kentucky's access management platform.  You will be required to create a KOG account or sign in to your existing KOG account.  The email will include the instructions for creating your KOG account.  Please follow the instructions exactly.  For additional reference, these instructions are also included in the the Direct Lab Data Entry Guide.


The Kentucky Health Information Exchange (KHIE) is owned by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and facilitates clinical data reporting to the Kentucky Department for Public Health.