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Kentucky Health Information Exchange

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  1. TOPWhat is the Kentucky Health Information Exchange (KHIE)?

    The Kentucky Health Information Exchange (KHIE) is a secure electronic network that supports statewide exchange of health information among healthcare providers and organizations across the commonwealth.  

    A master patient index helps ensure the information being pulled is the correct patient’s health information. Furthermore, the system is HIPAA compliant and offers multiple levels of security to ensure patient privacy and confidentiality.
  2. TOPWhat are the benefits of KHIE?

    KHIE provides a common, secure electronic information infrastructure for sharing health information. It is designed according to national standards to ensure interoperability among disparate health record systems. Through connectivity with the eHealth Exchange, KHIE will support health information exchange across state lines.

    KHIE supports patient-
    centered care with the goal of improving the quality of care and health outcomes of Kentuckians and to reduce medical errors and make more efficient use of health care dollars.
  3. TOPIs KHIE for Medicaid providers only?

    No. While the initial priority is to support Medicaid and Medicare providers adopt certified electronic health record technology and achieve meaningful use, the goal of KHIE is to provide the technical infrastructure and support for use by all providers across Kentucky.


  4. TOPCan KHIE be used to exchange health information for patients who do not have Medicaid?


    Yes. The goal is to have full participation among all providers with all patients, regardless of payment mechanisms.

  5. TOPWhat is Kentucky doing to support health information exchange and help providers achieve Meaningful Use?

    KHIE provides the technical infrastructure to enable providers in Kentucky to engage in health information exchange and facilitate the achievement of MU through the use of CEHRT. The system is designed to be vendor- and technology-agnostic with the focus on enabling optimal connectivity and interoperability. Additionally, KHIE serves as the intermediary for public health reporting for MU in Kentucky.

    KHIE staff coordinates with the Kentucky Regional Extension Centers, the NorthEast Kentucky Regional Health Information and other state and community partners to support provider adoption and MU.
  6. TOPAre providers required to electronically exchange health information?

    No. The commonwealth cannot require a provider to participate in the health information exchange unless the provider participates in the EHR Incentive Program. Providers must attest to public health reporting objectives in stage 1 and stage 2 of meaningful use and KHIE is the public health reporting agency for MU in the state of Kentucky. Providers serving Medicare patients who fail to demonstrate MU before 2015 also will face a reduction in the Medicare fee schedule.

  7. TOPI participate in a regional health information organization (RHIO). How will this impact my participation?

    KHIE is currently working with the NeKY RHIO and will work with any RHIOs organized to maintain interoperability and connectivity between the regional and state health information exchange systems. The goal is to avoid redundancy with a seamless system through which the provider will continue to use the RHIO and the RHIO, in turn, will connect with KHIE, and vice versa.
  8. TOPWill I be able to exchange information electronically with providers in other states?

    Yes. KHIE will connect with the eHealth Exchange, which will provide the connectivity for interstate exchange of health information.

  9. TOPHow will this impact the way in which I report reportable diseases to the state Department for Public Health?

    Participation in KHIE will include the provision for the electronic transmissions of reportable disease information to the Department of Public Health system.

  10. TOPWhat kind of equipment and connectivity do I need?

    KHIE technical infrastructure has been designed to be vendor and technology neutral and the KHIE team will work with your technical team and your vendor to determine connectivity options.

  11. TOPWhere can I get information to educate my staff about health information exchange?

    General information, including educational materials targeted to healthcare providers, is posted on the KHIE website and is updated regularly. KHIE staff provides additional information through monthly conference calls, scheduled phone calls, conferences, summits and additional site visits as necessary. Find the information to get the help you need from KHIE on the Contact page or fill out a contact form here.
  12. TOPHow can my office receive help to meet MU and connect with the health information exchange?

    KHIE coordinates with the RECs, RHIOs and other state and community partners to support provider adoption and MU. Contact information for the RECs in Kentucky can be found on the Contact KHIE page on this website.

    Additionally, KHIE has five outreach coordinators across the state to help providers connect to the KHIE. Updates that describe efforts under way to support provider adoption and MU are posted on a regular basis to the KHIE website. Providers are strongly encouraged to check the site frequently.

    KHIE also offers a fully staffed Help Desk and can be reached at (877) 222-3218, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  13. TOPWhen can I start using KHIE to exchange patient health information?

    The Kentucky Health Information Exchange is active and allowing providers to retrieve and send current patient health information at the point of care. A map of providers who have signed participation agreements to connect to KHIE is available on this website.
  14. TOPHow can I sign up to participate in KHIE?

    View our Welcome Packet for new and interested participants on this website. Contact Polly Mullins-Bentley or Charlese Blair for more information about getting started with KHIE.
  15. TOPWhat can you tell me about the VHR?

    Please visit our Community Portal FAQs for answers to several common questions about the VHR.
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