An executive order in August 2009 established an agency to oversee the advancement of health information exchange in Kentucky.

Work immediately began on the technical infrastructure of the Kentucky Health Information Exchange, commonly known as KHIE. Funding for this momentous task was received from both the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). In addition to the funding opportunity, ARRA provided a roadmap and guidance to the development and implementation of the nationwide electronic health information system.

Kentucky received more than $9 million to advance the use of electronic health information exchange and support eligible healthcare providers across the state in achieving stage 1 meaningful use of certified technology. Eligible providers who demonstrate meaningful use of certified EMRs began receiving incentive payments in January 2011.

Today, KHIE is administered by the Division of Kentucky Electronic Health Information in the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. 

In light of the benefits and consequences to healthcare providers and consumers alike, KHIE is committed to supporting statewide adoption of electronic health information exchange.

KHIE provides a common, secure electronic information infrastructure. The KHIE architecture meets national standards to ensure interoperability across various health systems and connectivity to the National Health Information Network. The system affords healthcare providers the functionality to support preventive health and disease management through alerts, messaging and other tools. The design of KHIE is flexible. As criteria to determine meaningful use expands beyond stage one, functionality will be added to support providers in further achieving meaningful use.

KHIE provides a baseline set of functions available across the state to support the exchange of electronic health information. The value of information increases with use, and the value of one set of information increases when linked with other information. Core components of KHIE include a master patient index, record locator service, security, provider-user authentication, logging, audits and alerts. The focus of KHIE is improving the health, quality and safety of healthcare for Kentucky’s residents and visitors through a statewide, interoperable health information exchange.

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